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What a lovely time the pregnancy is! Preparation for a new life, birth, and a new baby might be as exciting as it is worrying at the same time!

HypnoMummy Hypnobirthing course is designed to prepare every expectant couple to meet their baby confidently, calmly and happily as well as laying the groundwork for their new role as parents.

HypnoMummy offers KGHypnobirthing course that is filled with simple techniques to use and practice in everyday life, especially before and during but also after the birth, so you feel more relaxed, calm, and happy. These techniques include breathing, visualising, music and positive thinking, just to name a few. Their aim is to condition our intelligent, overthinking, anxious minds to become tranquil.

Hypnobirthing is surely one of the best decisions for preparation for an important day. Once learnt, hypnobirthing becomes a life skill that helps to overcome the curveballs of everyday life.


Dive in the World Of Hypnobirthing

Release fears, worries and negative thoughts about pregnancy and birth

Build confidence and trust in positive birth experience

Calm your anxcious, overthinking mind

Connect with your body

Learn about your birthing body and importance of hormones

Get in control, be informed, make informed choices



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Benefits of hipnobirthing

Benefits of hypnobirthing are invaluable.Hypnobirthing works for everyone.

  • It reduces her fear level, worries and negative thoughts about pregnancy and birth;
  • Enhances chances of having a positive, comfortable birth experience in any eventuality;
  • Reduces chance of medical interventions and need of medications;
  • The birth experience is generally shorter and happier;
  • Emotional quality of pregnancy and baby;
  • Hypnobirthing promotes a better bonding between the mother, baby and birthing partner long before the birth;
  • Calmer, quieter babies;
  • Birthing parnters can provide better care and support for the mum;

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

I can honestly say that the KGH hypnobirthing course is truly excellent. Elena is a wonderful teacher who explains things very clearly and is always happy to answer any queries you may have. She made me feel so relaxed I always looked forward to our sessions. Before I started the course I really didn’t know much about hypnobirthing but the course taught me to look at birth as a natural process that our bodies are design to do. Coming from a health care background I found it fascinating to learn about how the muscles of the uterus work. Once you understand what your body is doing during labour it doesn’t seem as daunting. The relaxation tracks and techniques that you listen to and learn were a godsend in helping me relax at the end of a busy day and allowing me time to connect with my baby. They also provided a valuable and practical way in which my husband could feel involved and connected to the pregnancy and birthing process. I really couldn’t recommend this course enough it truly has something for everyone. This is my fourth pregnancy and have learnt so much, I only wish I had done the course when I was pregnant first time around.
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Fuchsia Coelho
Mum of three, Bristol
Invaluable life lessons I will take forward far beyond the birth and parenthood.
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The course opened our eyes. I started to get more control over my negative thoughts and I used the techniques taught by Elena. They really work for me and it's great! I am more positive and confident about my birth!
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Mum-to-be, London