What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course for every expectant parent to have a better birth experience.

The course teaches different techniques that help parents-to-be to get ready for the birth, learn to relax and condition their mind to a positive birth as well as lay groundwork for a confident parenthood. In most cases hypnobirthing women tend to have a positive, comfortable birth in any form it might take.

Hypnobirthing is a course filled with simple exercises to use and practice every day, especially before, during but also after the birth, so you feel more relaxed, calm, and happy. The aim of these techniques is to train our intelligent, overthinking minds to become tranquil and to listen to our primary instincts.

The course is very informative and outlines the choices that parents have. Being informed and prepared, knowing your options and alternatives, gives you a powerful tool to be in control of your birth and life (especially, when unexpected situation arises). It builds confidence and trust in positive birth and it helps to release any fears, worries or negative thoughts either about the baby or the labour, birth or life in general. Its techniques can be applied to any aspects of our life, and do not relate only to birth and pregnancy.

Why Hypnobirthong?

Hypnobirthing is beneficial for everyone who takes part in it: mother, baby and partner. Hypnobirthing is for any birth scenarios, not only for natural birth. It helps in any eventualities: should there be an induction, an elective C-section or emergency one, a ‘high risk’ mother or the one with no medical concerns. It works for everyone. The key is the practise.

benefits for the mum-to-be

  • Relaxation helps to improve symptoms of morning sickness, insomnia, stress, blood pressure;
  • She is better prepared for the birth and is calmer, relaxed and confident;
  • Her fear level, worries and negative thoughts are reduced;
  • More chances to have a positive, smooth birth in any eventuality;
  • Lesser chance of medical interventions and need of medications;
  • The birth experience is generally shorter and happier;
  • Emotional quality of pregnancy.

benefits for the partnters

Partner’s role during pregnancy, labour and birth is of a high importance and it is to protect the mother. It is their paternal instinct. Male gorillas in the wild safeguard their female partner to make sure nothing can disturb her while she is giving birth.

  • They can provide better care and support for the mum;
  • They provide continuity of the care;
  • They bond with the baby deeply as the baby recognises their voice and is reassured s/he is safe;
  • Hypnobirthing promotes deeper bonding within the couple;
  • The hypnobirthing partners are informed, confident and calm and not in a panic. They know what to do and how to support rather than stand embarrassed in the corner feeling helpless.

benefits for the baby

Babies play an active role in hypnobirthing. What feels the mother – feels the baby. If the mother is relaxed, so is the baby.

  • Hypnobirthing promotes a better bonding between the mother, baby and birthing partner long before the birth;
  • Boosts brain development;
  • Promotes better sleep after the baby is born;
  • Calmer quieter babies;
  • Emotional quality of babies.
Considering hypnobirthing now may seem a small decision but it will make a huge difference later on in life. It is surely one of the best decisions for preparation for an important day. Once learnt, hypnobirthing becomes a life skill that helps you to lead your life.
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