KGhypnobirthing Course

A complete hypnobirthing course takes about 10-12 hours in total. It can be spread over two full days or four evening sessions. I offer group and private courses around London, face to face and online via Zoom. Group courses are usually held in Sutton area.


Dive in the World of Hypnobirthing

The KGHypnobirthing course consists of four sections and covers the followig:

Logic of KGhypnobirthing and hypnotherapy and why they work so well

Understanding of a birthing body and how it works; what to expect when the big day comes

How to use hypnobirhting techniques before, during and after the birth – an effective way to relax, manage stress, tension and pain, condition yourselves for a positive birth experience.

How KGhypnobirthing works withing NHS system, what is available to you, what rights and choices you have

How to work effectively with your health providers, so you can make informed decisions for you and your baby

Release fears, worries and negative thoughts about pregnancy and birth

Massage techniques to help you to relax deeper

Create your own calm environment, your own ‘birth bubble’ and how the birthing partner can protect that ‘bubble’

Important role of birthing partner/dad during pregnancy and birth and how best they can support and care for the mum-to -be

One to One

£360 per couple per course

Private sessions at the comfort of your own home and at time convenient to you

Group Face to Face

£250 per couple per course

I offer small face to face group sessions held in Sutton/Carshalton areas.


£200 per couple per course

Virtual courses over Zoom.

This includes free Hypnobirthing book by the founder of KGHypnobirthing Katharine Graves along with 3 relaxations scripts to practise every day for the better birth experience. Apart from it, each couple will get a Parent Folder with all the important information you need for the positive birth. And, of course, I am always here to advise or signpost, should there be any question, need or support. And I would love to hear your birthing story!


Is hypnobirthing right for me?

Hypnobirthing suits everyone: whether you are considered a ‘high risk mother’ and you need to have a C-section or you choose to have an elective C-section, or maybe you are planning a natural homebirth. Hypnobirthing is for any type of birth and it helps everyone as it prepares the expectant parents for any birth eventualities.

Will my birth experience be pain-free if I use hypnobirthing?

Although hypnobirthing provides you with all the tools to have a soft, gentle and natural birth, it cannot guarantee a pain free birth. Most women who have practised hypnobirthing during their pregnancy and birth tend to have more comfortable, if not painless birth. Practise is the key. The more you practise, the better it gets.

What is the best time to start the course?

I would say the sooner, the better. Normally, we recommend to start after your 20 weeks scan. We all are different and some of us would prefer to start earlier to allow more time to practise and condition ourselves for a soft, gentle birth. Some would rather start the course later around week 30-33 so you have fresh information from the course.  

What is a positive birth experience?

A positive birth doesn’t mean a birth according to plan, it doesn’t need to be one. A positive birth is when a woman feels confident, calm and in control of a situation, even if it is an unplanned one. No matter what turn the birth might take and medical intervention might be needed, like emergency Caesarean, a mum-to- be is able to make her informed choice without fear and panic and overall can feel positive about it, and even enjoy it afterwards.  

The great benefit of hypnobirthing is that although it keeps in mind a gentle, soft, natural birth, it prepares expectant mums and dads for any birth eventuality to be able to manage fear, stress and discomfort caused by special circumstances, stay calm and in control.

What will I get from hypnobirthing?

The course is informative and outlines the choices available to parents  in healthcare. Being informed and prepared, knowing your options and choices gives you a powerful tool to be in control of your birth and life (so valuable, in case of unforseen cercumstances). It builds confidence and trust in positive birth as well as it helps to release any fears, worries or negative thoughts either about the baby, labour, birth or life in general. Its techniques can be applied to any aspects of life, not only related to birth and pregnancy.  
Hypnobirthing prepares couples to feel calm, in control when the birth takes an unexpected turn and they need to make decisions about their options. It teaches to manage tensions, stress, special medical situations, discomfort and pain. Being prepared, having the right information and knowing your choices make you feel more confident and in control of the situation.