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Birth is a natural process. We cannot predict when exactly it is going to happen and we never know how the labour and birth might unfold; however, hypnobirthing increases the chances of having a gentle birth experience, if not pain free.

My planned water birth with candles and soft music playing in the background never came true. At the time it was frustrating and upsetting. I practised hypnobirthing techniques during the labour and birth and eventually, had a positive birth experience. Although my birth plan had not worked out (I agreed to have an induction), I made an informed choice. I knew what to expect and what could happen, so did not panic and thus, felt less stressed. As a result of this confidence, my physical and emotional well-being was not compromised. In the end, both me and my baby were happy and calm.

Even though hypnobirthing provides us with all the tools for a gentle, soft birth experience, it cannot guarantee one. And yet, we do have it within us to embrace our power. With a little homework we can condition our body to relax, use the hypnobirthing techniques to calm our anxious minds and accept the gift of strength offered to us by these techniques. That is in our hands.

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I’m Elena and a mum to my happy two: a boy and a girl. I came to the world of hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my second one and was looking for a better, comfortable birth experience. We had taken a hypnobirthing course and we never regretted it. It exceeded our expectations as the course was and is not only about the 

“hypnobirthing method” for the birth. It opened to us a whole world to a calm pregnancy and birth. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I was struck by how these simple techniques taught in the course could help me to slow down and make a busy city life calmer and easier. Hypnobirthing has been and is an invaluable tool during the pregnancy and birth, and also after birth in managing stress and emotional curveballs that parenthood can bring.

Pregnant women always caught my attention, especially when I was a little girl. There was something magical and charming in them. And this is very true. If we look at childbearing and childbirth – it really is magical. A tiny cell not seen by a naked eye can grow into a beautiful baby that is a small copy of yourselves, if not the same face! How amazing it is!?! Every childbirth truly is a miracle!

I strongly believe that pregnancy with the arrival of a new baby is the most exciting time of our lives and, of course, the most intense and memorable experiences. My desire is for everyone to have a positive, calm, joyful pregnancy and birth as well as a new life with a new baby.

So, feel free to contact me or book a free call with me to see if hypnobirthing is right for you and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. 

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What My Clients Say About Me

I can honestly say that the KGH hypnobirthing course is truly excellent. Elena is a wonderful teacher who explains things very clearly and is always happy to answer any queries you may have. She made me feel so relaxed I always looked forward to our sessions. Before I started the course I really didn’t know much about hypnobirthing but the course taught me to look at birth as a natural process that our bodies are design to do. Coming from a health care background I found it fascinating to learn about how the muscles of the uterus work. Once you understand what your body is doing during labour it doesn’t seem as daunting. The relaxation tracks and techniques that you listen to and learn were a godsend in helping me relax at the end of a busy day and allowing me time to connect with my baby. They also provided a valuable and practical way in which my husband could feel involved and connected to the pregnancy and birthing process. I really couldn’t recommend this course enough it truly has something for everyone. This is my fourth pregnancy and have learnt so much, I only wish I had done the course when I was pregnant first time around.
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